Mom Up – Mother’s Day Manifestos not Cards

This Mother’s Day don’t send a card.

Why not create a Manifesto and do something your mother would be proud of.   Show your Mom and the world what you are made of.

Have you evaluated what’s really important in life, or are you too busy working, texting and/or worried about getting to your next task to think about it?  In 2001, the tragedy of 9-11 gave our nation an opportunity to reevaluate what’s important in life. 15 years later we now witness ISIS, the climate changing, Ebola and other crisis.

Working part-time should be a viable option for all men and women, but is it an option at your workplace? Affordable and day care should be in the same sentence, but are they? Really?

Instead of being rewarded for raising resilient loved children, many of us are demoted or driven out of the working world for putting our Nations’ most precious national treasure as our first priority – our children.

The vast majority of woman and men in America can’t afford to quit work and aren’t given the opportunity and to work part-time because they make “minimum” wage, but not a “living” wage.

Is it time to work with Employers and Congress to find ways we can forge a new path for the future, or are Employers and Congress a barrier to change? Perhaps it’s time for a Regime change?

Will our Nation ever put our children first? Our kids don’t have high paid lobbyist working to pass legislation protecting their interests in Washington DC, and our kids don’t have politicians who are “in their pocket” because they donate millions of dollars to a campaign.

All our kids have is YOU.  2015 is the year of the Mother’s Day Manifesto.

Will we do something to make our planet better for our children?

Will we heed to advice of Mother Theresea and, “Go home and love our families”?

While we are home (whether it be for a couple of hours a day or longer), will we work to  make our towns better for our children and all children?

Will you Mom-Up and take action to improve educational opportunities and libraries, clean our environment, and increase arts and culture in our own communities?

Why not create a company and be that Employer who offers fair wages and flexible work schedules?

Why not run for local office, state office or dare I say higher office and be a voice for our children?

What’s holding you back, what’s holding us back?  Time to Mom Up and get it done.


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