Why Wait to Fill Out Page 8?

Watching the first, second and third Presidential debates made me really sad.

Thank God for Saturday Night Live skits of the debates – they made me laugh instead of cry about what is happening in the Presidential election.

Before my brain goes further into the abyss, I try to refocus and think about our local Malibu City Council elections.

My official mail in ballot is now red white and blank all over – like a work of art just waiting for me to start filling in those ovals with dark blue or black ink only.

Although I have known for some time who I will vote for in the National and Statewide elections, I am still undecided as to how I will vote in our local election – where 3 seats are up.

I have met and/or am familiar with all of the candidates.  I attended the Malibu Times and Democratic Club debates. I was thoroughly impressed with all of the candidates and even contributed to three of the six campaigns.    Overall, all seem to be nice people with good manners and are kind souls, but I am reluctant to cast my ballot just at this moment in time.  Why?

I want to vote for role models who will be independent and inclusive, not bullies.  My vote, like a grade in school, must be earned through hard work, dedication and actions that will make Malibu better for all over the course of the next four years.

Over the course of the next few days, I will continue to notice the little things. Who is putting signs up illegally? Who is taking signs down? How are the people running the campaigns treating each other? Are all running healthy campaigns that my children can learn from and look up to?

I hope that everyone in Malibu will join me in watching.  Will the candidates and their campaigns be respectful and make Malibu better or not?

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