Missing In Action – Abandoned and Left Alone in Our Hour of Need

We made it through the 11/9 Woolsey Fire thanks to God, first responders and our garden hoses, but I am still emotionally scarred and feeling abandoned by our elected representative.

Who went to the Hollywood Bowl to see Paul Simon about 6 months ago and posted live about that? Our 3rd District Supervisor Shiela Kuehl. https://www.facebook.com/sjkuehl/videos/we-are-live-at-the-hollywood-bowl-to-honor-legendary-singersongwriter-paul-simon/1623663171081864/

When it comes to the Arts, Supervisor Kuehl is a great supporter, but disasters – not so much. Indeed, has anyone seen our Supervisor in Malibu since the fires on 11/9? It’s a sad day in LA when the the President of the United States visits to help us and to show he cares before our own elected representative.

During my 5 days and nights helping in Point Dume during and after 11/9, everyone in the neighborhood kept putting out flare ups and helping others around the clock. I was humbled to witness so many people who never abandoned Malibu or neighbors in need.

On Monday 11/12/18, many Malibu locals sprang into action and began a Point Dume Relief Center at the Point Dume elementary school. I stopped by around 2 p.m. and saw a neighbor who had stepped on a nail and needed a tetanus shot. I gave him a ride to Urgent Care and when we got there we were greeted by Dr. Jill Ferguson who explained she had been detained at a check point for 2 hours and now had no electricity because their generator ran out.

I learned that the LA County Board of Supervisors would be meeting on Tuesday 11/13, and many of my friends asked if we could go there to ask for more support since we were abandoned. People were literally risking their lives to deliver supplies via boat to people who were still fighting fires in Malibu.

John Duran, the Mayor of West Hollywood, never abandoned us. He offered to go the Board of Supervisors and plead our case for help. I was afraid to leave Point Dume to testify because I was needed there to help. On 11/13/18, after sitting through many hours waiting, Mayor John Duran read the following into the record:


“In 2007 when we had a tragic fire governor Schwarzenegger and Supervisor Yaroslavsky and the Sheriff were in a Malibu helping us fight the fires immediately. They walked through the devastation, and they stood up to help us in our hour of need. It was a tragedy, but the State, County and City worked side by side to help all affected.

Today, we are alone. Where is everyone?

Yes, we did have some heroic first responders who helped and we are forever grateful for their service; however, many were given orders to leave and not help.

Many have said this is not the Woolsey fire but the Yo-yo fire because “you are on your own. “
Armed only with garden hoses and a mighty heart, many of us saved our neighborhoods from total destruction after we were abandoned by LA county.

Today, we need you to stand by our sides and to partner with us to protect and serve but most importantly we hope and pray you will take actions and treat us like you would want to be treated in your hour of need.”

It’s time to learn from the mistakes of the past and to do what we can, when we can to do better.

The next disaster may not be in Malibu, it could be any where in LA County. I hope and pray our Supervisor will do a better job next time and will be just as willing to be there to support those affected as she was to meet singer Paul Simon.

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