A Love Letter to Malibu

I am blessed to live here in Malilbu, but today, on a rainy Valentine’s day there is a flash flood warning. I am alert, grateful and hopeful. Many in Malibu are hurting, but many are also helping. Many have lost homes, and my heart still aches for those suffering. Some are threatening recall and reckoning, but this letter isn’t about anger, hatred or retribution.

Today is about LOVE for all of Malibu – the place, the people, the poison, and the passion that lives and grows here.

It is an honor to witness firsthand the awesome power of Mother Nature. We have fires, we have floods and we have fabulous too. In the morning and afternoons, we get to witness breathtaking beauty as the sky glows with red, orange, pink, blues, purples and grey. Each day we get to wake to God’s/Mother Nature/the Divine’s, new painting. If you take a moment to breath it all in – it may warm and cleanse your heart and soul like the rain falling today that washes away the ashes.

It is an honor to also witness the warmth of our neighbors – the people and the animals that we meet every day. We can walk our dogs, and be greeted by wonderful friends and neighbors who wave, stop and say hi. When we journey to Westward beach, we can can take in the sacred sunsets or even surf or run with whales, dolphins, sea gulls and pelicans.

Thank you – all of Malibu for leaving a legacy of love in my heart and for teaching me not to take a day for granted. I will try to remember today and always, to savor every second I am here, to seek goodness and to be grateful for the miracle of the real Malibu.

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