Trump – Tragedy to Victory

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What a difference 1 year makes.

I wrote this to my daughter last year and today the elections have shown that people are waking up:

“Yesterday was 11/9 – which is possibly the worst day since 9/11, but today is 11/10. It is your day. It is a day that lifts me because I know our planet’s future, although it may appear to be bleak now, will be bright because you will not allow others to be bullied. You will stand up for racial, economic and social equality. You will be the light that inspires us all to be the best we can be. I have faith in your heart, in your soul and in your kindness. You are the epitome of intelligence, toughness, strength, calm, but most importantly, you are a blessing to all you meet.”

9/11 shook me to my core and changed my life. I shifted from pursuing a legal career to simply being of service.

Today, when I see the faces of those elected last night, I see kindred souls.

Instead of 9/11, the tragedy that inspired many to change is Trump.

Thank you to all who dared to run. You have made our souls and this planet blossom. May your terms in office and next chapter be exciting adventures filled with joy, kindness and love!

God bless you and the USA!